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Update of PCT applicant's guide

The WIPO has published an updated version of the applicant's guide. The applicant's guide is quite a useful guide for learning/ understanding the PCT. It is advisable to take a copy of the latest version to the EQE. Please keep in mind that it will not help you to "just take it" without having looked at how the guide works. In the exam there is simply no time to start looking for an answer. You should basically already know approximately where you could find the answer and then use the (detailed) index to find it. Of course this guide should be used in addition to the official PCT Articles and Rules. I can further recommend taking a look at the book of Cees Mulder in that respect.

In the EQE 2009 there were not a lot of PCT related questions (luckily), but you never know if this is the start of a trend or not.....

Download the Applicant's Guide here.

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  1. Very informative post! It’s good how you have collected all the information about the exam and listed down here. It is going to help a lot of students. I also got to know about LSAT Prep courses online like this only. It’s good that there are such posts because it clarifies all the doubts related to an exam.


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