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Tool for Paper A available

Inspired by yesterday's good news I have now posted the tool I developed myself for taking the paper A. Please note that I took the chemistry paper and that as such this tool may need some tweaking to also suit the E/M exam. If someone feels confident in making a similar tool for E/M, please let me know and I'll send you a document you can edit. I'm happy to post the result in the download area.

Anyway, tackling the A paper may be done using several strategies/ approaches and in general the advice is to find the way that suits you best (not much of an advice is it...).

During my first days of preparation I was taught to first "scan" through the client's letter and the prior art and after that carefully re-read everything identifying all possible inventions. I know that many of my colleague candidates used this approach during last exam and at least several of them were succesful.

However this method did not suit me because most of the time I was biased by the prior art when trying to define all possible inventions. As a result I did not do very well in the first papers I practised. I then started working on (more or less) my own approach which in the end resulted in the A tool that is now available for download.

The key difference in my approach is that I:
- First read the letter of the client very accurately and in full detail and at the same time filled in all tables in the tool.
- Only after I basically defined all possible inventions I read the prior art and indicated which possible invention was not patentable (i.e. not new or inventive)

The tool is easiest to use when you print it on A3 double sided.
Any comments/ additions/ suggestions are welcome.

Good luck, I hope you find this tool useful.

Download the tool here.


EQETools passed the EQE

I didn't sleep very well last night and I opened my laptop this morning feeling a bit shaky.

However my mood changed from tired and nervous to extremely happy and energetic !!

This is why :

Result paper A 83 pass
Result paper B 68 pass
Result paper C 71 pass
Result paper D 63 pass
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