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PCT Newsletter Summary 2009 complete

The PCT Newsletter Summary 2009 has been updated and now contains all practical advices as published (and some additional information). From 2010 I'll move to the Google Docs platform, saving myself some time in editing, converting to PDF, uploading etc...

In addition (I just keep on trying...) the latter platform allows for (realtime) collaboration. So, if you want to contribute, please send me an e-mail.


Paper A tool E/M

One of the visitors of this Blog has modified/updated the Paper A tool (which is focussed on the Chemistry paper) in view of the E/M paper.

Download it here under 3rd Party Tools.

Update: In the EQE Wiki, which you can find on the eqe-online forum there is another article on how to tackle paper A E/M. Click here


PCT Newsletter - December 2009 (No. 12/2009)

The latest issue of the PCT Newsletter (No. 12/2009) is now available on the PCT Resources page:


This is the last PCT newsletter of 2009. I'll update the PCT summary also including the PCT newsletters published beginning of this year (if this appears necessary).


Work in progress ...

Although the number of posts have dropped over the last months, I've picked up some activities that require quite some time before the result can be published. The following can be expected, hopefully at the beginning of next year:

- Clean and editable version of the Implementing Regulations
- Tool for B (focussed on chemistry)
- An approach for dealing with inventive step in the EQE (though this may also be useful afterwards :-))

In addition, the A Tool that is currently available is re-worked by a reader of this Blog to also cover the electro/ mechanic exams. Hopefully it will be available soon.

As a reminder I'd like to invite you to provide some feedback on what is currently available. I'll be happy to modify/improve ...

Happy studying !
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