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Activities are continued on www.eqetools.com.

Looking forward seeing you there !


New website, updated tools and a lot more ...

Activity on this Blog has been low for the last couple of .... well, almost a year basically. In the meantime, the tools available here have become somewhat outdated and moreover the EQE has changed.

I will terminate the activities on this Blog soon and will continue on an independent website running a more sophisticated content management system. 

The system will have more functionality compared to the blogspot platform (which actually is quite good for blogging). Users may (but don't have to) register for an account and may participate in a forum, start their own blog or even create other content and tools. Such functionality will be introduced over time and will not be available right away. The download section will (hopefully) be more transparent as well. 

Right now, I'm finalising the layout of the website and making all the settings needed to get started. In the meantime I will need to copy some of the content of this blog to the website and revise the currently available tools. 

So, there is still some work to be done, but at least there is some activity again. Expected launch date is September 1.


G Summary Updated

An update of the G Summary can be found here.

Some minor additions and/or corrections were made and summaries of new decisions/ opinions were added.

Download here....
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