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Size matters !

The D exam is difficult in many ways. One of the things you may overlook at this moment is the fact that you will take an enormous amount of your study material to the EQE. You will probably only need two or three references at the most but "just in case" you find yourself carrying more weight in paperwork than a single backpack can carry....

This is just a small piece of advice to those who are now using the full-size version of the Guidelines and are making annotations and/or highlighting parts thereof. The advice is to stop using this full size version while you still can and to print the 5 parts of the Guidelines in the form of A5 booklets. You can download the parts for free from the EPO website, so it will only cost you some time (and maybe a bit of money) to make the booklets.

For the exam itself it is not really an issue, yet for travelling to the examination centres size does matter !

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  1. Yes. This is very good advice. I divided it into two parts AB and CDE.
    Also have done it with some other items as well, such as the PCT.
    - Megan


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