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Books/ Study material

Of course on the top of the list as I'm quite proud of the attention this Blog has gotten so far. I hope you like the tools that you can download here.

The Annotated EPC
Author: Derk Visser
Most candidates know this book very well. All provisions are explained and numerous references to case law can be found in this book. "Tabbing" of the book is highly recommended if you want to find something quickly during the EQE. Did anyone take a good look at the picture on the left hand corner of my Blog....exactly, that's my "tabbed"copy.

References to the European Patent Convention
Author: Jelle Hoekstra
This book (or rather these books as there are two) by Jelle Hoekstra contains a very complete list of references for each provision of the EPC.

The Cross Referenced Patent Cooperation Treaty
Author: Cees Mulder

EPC2000 guide
Author: Nicholas Fox

C Book: How to write a succesful opposition and pass paper C of the European Qualifying Examination

Key to the EPC
Authors: Stephan C. Fritz, Elisabeth K. Grünbeck, Ali Hijazi

A Complete Guide To Passing The European Qualifying Exam
And Qualifying As A European Patent Attorney:
Authors: Simon Roberts & Andrew Rudge

Procedural Law under the EPC2000
Peter Watchorn and Andrea Veronese

From the same authors:
PCT Procedures and Passage into the European Phase

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