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Feedback please !

Now that the EQE 2010 is over the long wait for the results has started. I hope you did well last week.

Since yesterday, the EPO has made the papers available on their website, click here.

By means of this post I'm kindly asking the ones who have taken the exams (if anyone of you still visits this website...) whether or not you used any of the tools, and if they were useful or not. Any feedback is welcome !!

Please reply either by posting a comment or by sending me an e-mail directly.

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  1. Your Blog was very valuable for preparing the exam.

    I used the DI time-table (the modified one, was critical for me for answering all the questions). For DII, I had your G-summary. I did not used it during the exam, but I read it the week-end before for refreshing the G decisions. It helped a lot.

    For A and B I prepared my own workflows, which were largely based on yours.

    A lot of your comments were really helpful for preparing the exam.

    Thank you again, now let's see if it helped.

  2. Yes, your blog definitely helps preparing the EQE.
    Thanks a lot.

  3. I used the DI timing tool, and found that very helpful. Thanks for all the tools and information during the year!


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