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Delta Patents increase their presence on the net

Following the initiative of Pete Pollard, Jelle Hoekstra, Rolf Suurmond and Joeri Beetz have joined Pete's blogging activities with respect to the EQE. The new Blogs, specifically directed to papers C and D can be found by clicking the links below :

EQE Paper C

EQE paper D

Patent Law updates

Given the high quality courses Delta Patents provide (for those wondering: no, I'm not affiliated in any way) I'm sure these Blogs will be a valuable source of information to EQE candidates.

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  1. Hmm, sometimes more is less.

    I guess when every practicioner has three patent blogs and two private blogs, saturation will be close. But then we will need blogs summing up what is found in the blogs.

  2. The new blogs will more or less replace the existing one of Pete Pollard and are started to increase the amount of EQE-related information we share with the world.

    Instead of adding paper C information to the Salted Patent blog, we chose to make an entirely new one with three distinctive entry points for different groups of patent attorneys (e.g. EQE candidates for all papers, resitters for one paper or qualified EPAs).

    All three blogs can now (again) be visited at http://www.deltapatents.com/blogs.

    Joeri Beetz


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