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Undisclosed disclaimers, an overview of how G1/03 and G2/03 are applied

In the recent EPI Information (4/09) Andrew Rudge wrote a very interesting article titled

"The art of gracefully renouncing what's not yours - how the Boards of Appeal have applied G1/03 and G2/03 in practice".

The article gives a nice overview of  the case law with respect to undisclosed disclaimers after G1/03 and G2/03. I've said it before, but I'll repeat it yet again, the C committee may be inspired by the very strict manner in which the Enlarged Board decisions are applied and someday may introduce a claim containing an undisclosed disclaimer into the C paper. Maybe it's worth taking this article to the exam, you never know....

Read the article here

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  1. the link to this article appears broken. do you know where the article may be found? thank you.


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