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PCT Newsletter 2009 #7 and #8

The combined July and August edition of the PCT Newsletter is available for download, click here.

The National Institute of Industrial Property (Brazil) was appointed as ISA and IPEA and will begin functioning as such with effect from August 7, 2009.

Question from the practical advice:

I have heard that a number of changes took place on 1 July 2009 concerning the filing of sequence listings, for example, that there is no longer a fee benefit for sequence listings over 400 pages. As I plan on filing an international application containing a sequence listing of about 500 pages, please could you explain the options available to me for filing the sequence listing part - will I now have to pay a fee per sheet for that part?

The answer can be found in the Newsletter. This advice concerns sequence listings and is quite specific. I personally think it is not that important for the EQE ...

That said, I copied the entire advice and the other information above to the PCT Newsletter Summary, which will be available in the download area soon.

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