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G Summary available !

In the download area the EQETools “G Summary” is now available.

The G Summary is an overview I made of most of the Enlarged Board of Appeal decisions. The headnotes and the most relevant reasons are reproduced and I’ve added a few keywords to each decision.

I’m planning on updating the headnotes and reasons in view of EPC 2000, this will be done in the course of this year. Of course new decisions will be added when available.

Knowing the G decisions is important. Not only for passing the EQE, but also for your daily work as a European Patent Attorney (trainee). By that I mean that you need to know that there is a decision that deals with a certain issue. It would be nice to know the corresponding case number by heart, but be careful, a mistake is easily made !

By way of (a stupid?) example, when referring to the Enlarged Board decision related to the “same invention” of Art. 87 EPC you cite G2/98 and not G2/89…..

Moreover as the number of decisions is increasing it becomes more and more difficult to actually memorise all case numbers anyhow. Thus, always check which case number should be cited. This tool has helped me, hopefully it is useful to you as well.

Print this document, for example in the form of an A5 booklet, make further annotations if desired, and take it to the exam. It will help you in quickly finding the right case number when necessary.

I would say this tool is not really suitable for studying purposes only. I have found it quite helpful to actually read the respective decision entirely, or at least read the reasons. Doing so will help you understand the EPC system and moreover the way the EPC should be interpreted.

Then, when you have studied these decisions this booklet may help you in remembering all cases by reading through the booklet every now and then.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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