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Tool for paper B (Ch) available

Better too late than never; I've uploaded a tool for paper B (Ch). The draft has been on my computer for quite some time, but I did not take the time to update/ improve it.

The idea behind the tool is more or less the same as behind the paper A tool. That is, to have a one sheet summary of a possible workflow on tackling EQE paper B. An earlier version of this summary got me through the EQE of 2009, so at least for me it worked. That said I do advise to take a look at more elaborate articles/ books about taking paper B and above all to practice as much papers as possible.

As always, feel free to comment and/or to make suggestions
Download the tool here.

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  1. Thanks for this tool!
    It will certainly be helpful for preparing the EQE2011.
    I do have a question which would probably be obvious to most english-native speakers: What do you mean by "flyers"? Thanks!

  2. I have no idea, but I understand that are features that make you fly away from the lack of novelty / inventive step.

  3. Flyers are results/ effects that are not expected based on the surrounding experiments. For example, if there are experiments as follows:

    A 10
    B 11
    C 21
    D 19
    E 14
    F 13

    There is something going on with experiments C and D. If you find such a situation this is likely the basis for claim amendment. Most of the times there is a basis in the text indicating this effect, yet it may not always be easy to find ...

    Keep going EQETools !


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