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ABC/D comprehensive by Patskills

Brian Cronin from Patskills has recently published the ABC/D comprehensive, which is available from unibook.com, click here.

Short description (copied from the Unibook website):

This book is a comprehensive analysis of the European Qualifying Exam for European Patent Attorney candidates preparing for the exam.
The book’s title alludes to the fact that paper D lays a legal foundation for the legally-oriented practical papers A, B and C.
It is designed principally for candidates who are embarking on their EQE preparations, to enable them to lay the foundations of effective exam preparation and enhance their professional performance. It will also be useful for candidates and resitters who need to review what they have achieved so far in order to consolidate and continue successfully. ABC/D Comprehensive is more than a primer to introduce beginners to the EQE. It provides a thorough understanding of the exam so candidates can orient effectively their exam preparation in order to optimize their return on the considerable investment involved.

According to the website the book costs 36 euro and probably a bit more for shipment.

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  1. I purchased this book in 2010. It contains many good points, and has helped me to get a better view about the EQE, and especially how to prepare for it. I can highly recommend it to anyone wanting to succeed. Thank you, Brian!


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