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PCT Newsletter - April 2010 (No. 04/2010)

The latest issue of the PCT Newsletter (No. 04/2010) is now available on
the PCT Resources page in:


Although interesting to read, w.r.t. importance for the EQE you can skip the practical advice in my view as it does not relate to the law as such but more or less is aimed at providing strategic advice for applicants. More in particular the advice is aimed at whether or not is appropriate to file a demand. I personally wonder why the WIPO decided to do this.

Anyway, I've copied the items which I think are important to the PCT summary.
- EPO will be SISA as per July 1st 2010
- Notifications by e-mail
- Example request forms
- Updated ISA and IPEA agreements
- Power of Attorney waivers

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  1. appropriate to file a demand.....for preliminary examination

  2. Of course..... Are there any other demands under the PCT ?

  3. hmmm... You win the point.



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