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EPC Flashcards

One of the Blog readers sent me "EPC Flashcards" earlier today. Not knowing exactly how to use it the following explanation was given:

"EPC flashcards may be used for studying/memorising the EPC. Here is how it works:

You print out the cards (front and back, the topic on the front should line up with the corresponding topic on the back) then cut them out.

They cards are convenient for studying because you can either do it yourself (you look at the front or back, then try to say what is on the other side) or else with someone else. They hold the card, read you the first part, then you have to say the other part and they check whether or not it is correct.

For example, they pick a card "Article 54" then you have to say what is on the other side "Novelty" then they say correct or incorrect. Then you can put the ones you got correct in one pile, and the ones incorrect in another pile, then go though the incorrect ones again until you get more and more correct.

They are useful because you can take them anywhere, such as when you are waiting for the bus, or at the doctor's office, etc., you just take them out and flip through them."

Download the EPC Flashcards here.

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  1. As a teacher, I tell students to learn difficult lessonsby going over them many times. Now, I also suggested to them, these flashcards to try out. Its quite simple to create these flashcards even for a technology newbie like me!

  2. Very Nice post!! it's very easy to create these flashcards.

    EPC Surrey

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