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D1 timing tool now available

The first EQE tool is now available, you can download it here.
It concerns a timing tool for use during the D1 exam. The use of it is fairly simple, yet has proven to be effective for me in managing time during this part of the D exam.
Here is how it works:
Print the document double sided and take it to the exam !
The exam starts 9:30 CET.
You probably need a minute to prepare the papers you are going to write your answers on and select the paper in the language that you will use.
The time is now 9:31
You start with question 1, which is (for example) a 4 point question. You look in the timing tool, at a start time of 9:31 and immediately see that you have to complete the answer by 9:49, or preferably earlier as you have already lost 1 minute !
You are ready for question 2 say at 9:45.
Question 2 is a 3 point question, meaning you have to write down the answer before 9:58.
It’s very simple !
The only thing which is impossible to put in the table are the extra or fewer minutes you spend on a question.
What helps is to keep track of this on the paper itself, for example by marking the balance of + or – whenever you start with a new question. This gives you an indication of whether you have some spare minutes for a more difficult question.
Finally the present timing sheet is based on a 3 hour exam where one can score a maximum of 40 points. If anyone has information that this will change, please let me know. I will then adjust the document accordingly.
So, here you go. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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  1. I think the DI paper of the EQE starts at 09:45 hrs and not at 09:30 hrs (GMT+1).
    Kind regards, Cees Mulder

  2. Thanks Cees, you are right. I already forgot :-)


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